“Creative and innovative youth engagement in communities for social change.”

BOTA is a youth-led project, which holds culturally diverse and inclusive talent shows* across the Maritimes. It’s about bringing communities together and generating excitement around youth, art, cultural diversity, community engagement and child and youth rights.


Battle of the Arts NB showcase

Over the past nine years, Battle of the arts NB (BOTA) has travel in many communities in New Brunswick and the Maritime, to create a stage where diverse youth will display and showcase their arts. We have discovered so many talents and continue to celebrate their unique talent in the community and to our audience. Our main objective is to create a stage where all youth can share the same stage to showcase their talent and celebrate diversity in a fun way. We also want to create opportunities for youth in our community that have a passion for the arts.


Making Africa Proud is a national dance group that was created to showcase the strength and resilience of African youth through the arts. This group was birthed as a response to racism in the community and has become a national movement

Afro Fest NB

The New Brunswick African Festival is organised by Saa Andrew, in partnership with the New Brunswick African Association Over the last four years, NB Afro fest has been organised, to celebrate the diverse African cultures, with the New Brunswick Community. The goal is to share, celebrate, and showcase the African diverse African cultures through the arts.

African Music Awards NB

The New Brunswick African Music project aims to serves, to elevate, and represent artists and musicians within the Afro-NB community through development, promotion and celebration of culture, heritage and music.

This sector of our organization is dedicated to increasing representation of African NB artists and musicians participating in the Canadian Music Industry and to provide the support, opportunity and recognition where it currently lacks in the province of New Brunswick.