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BOTA NB was founded in 2010 by Saa Andrew Gbongbor, a former refugee from Sierra Leone. The main aim for starting BOTA is to give back to the community through the arts. As a war child, arts has played key role in fighting mental health in my community. It is amazing to see how creating such a platform for diverse youth has helped with enriching lives in NB.

About BOTA

This youth focussed intercultural organisation is dedicated to the exploration of cultural diversity and social change through the arts.

BOTA NB supports participants find a voice through all arts including drama, dance, music, visual arts, spoken word, film and so much more.

BOTA NB’s participants represent all cultures and religions to encourage a world where we respect and understand each others' lives, discovering the possibilities of our rich diversity.

Facilitate and Support creation, engagement and understanding of art as a tool to promote social justice and community building


Battle of the Arts NB is dedicated to providing youth with an inclusive place to learn, practice and engage in the arts as a pathway to community engagement and social transformation.


To work collaboratively with youth, partners and communities to leverage all artistic expression as a route to engagement, authentic inclusion and social change.


Creative and innovative youth engagement in communities for social change.


  • BOTA NB creates workshops and activities for youth up to 30 years old
  • BOTA works in the community and schools
  • Programs range from….
  • Participants are encouraged to give back to their communities
  • BOTA works in the community, in schools and at the HUB
  • Workshops on Youth engagement


  • Intercultural – BOTA NB recognises the value of diversity and seeks to create and magnify spaces that allows participants to bring all of who they are to activities.
  • Empowerment based
  • Accessible
  • By youth, for youth –
  • Sustainable – the work BOTA NB does is about living on long after the organisation has moved on. Hence community partner engagement and meaningful connection with participants

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BOTA Sponsors

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